Black Sesame Oil - edible oil - used for foodedible oil - Pumpkin Seed Oiledible oil - Camellia Seed Oil
Black Sesame Oil - edible oil - used for food
edible oil - Pumpkin Seed Oil
edible oil - Camellia Seed Oil

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Mei-Shan Premium Camellia Seed Oil uses the best quality camellia seeds as the raw materials. After shedding and sieving, only 40% of the raw materials can go to the process of low temperature pressing. Therefore Mei-Shan Premium Camellia Seed Oil contains very low acid value and with high quality


Camellia seed fine powder: Camellia seeds after de-shelling and screw-press to drive out premium camellia kernel oil; the remains are smashed and become fine powder. Since it does not have a shell, and the texture is fine, so it is less likely to harm the cutlery and cause water blocking when it is

Tea seed oil

Tea seed oil: Tea seed come from Camellia tea tree, belonging to the Theaceae Camellia family. They are distributed in high altitude mountain area of Taiwan. This area has mild temperature all year round but large temperature differences between day and night. This condition can grow the best q

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Supplier : Camellia seed oil, tea seed oil, black sesame oil, pumpkin seed oil, flax seed oil, soap, tea seed meal, tea seed fine powder

Type Business:Domestic Market、Export、Import、Manufacture、OEM、ODM

Founded in 2006, Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Manufactory Cooperation is a small organization in the vegetable oil mills industry located in Meishan Hsiang, Taiwan. It has approximately 10 full-time employees.