Black Sesame Oil - edible oil - used for cooking

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    Black sesame oil is a healthy diet choice


    • Type:Plant Oil

    Key Features

    Black sesame:
    It is described in "The Book of Han" documented that sesame seed was brought back from the Middle-East Regions by Zhang Qian during the Han Dynasty. It has been called Hu Ma, You Ma, Zhi Ma, or Giant Katsuko. Black sesame is mature seed of Pedaliaceae plants; it has a rectangular stem and oval-shaped leaf. Taiwan first began to cultivate sesame, dating back to the Sui Dynasty. In the Eighteenth Century, sesame became an agricultural product for export.

    The benefits of using our black sesame oil:
    1. 100% black sesame seed made oil, all vegan.
    2. Black sesame contains calcium which is the essential nutrient for the growth and maintaining of teeth and bones.
    3. Black sesame aroma is strong, shining colors, suitable to increase the flavor of food.
    4. Black sesame oil can warm the body up so it is the best choice for health tonic in autumn and winter.
    5. Best choice for women before and after childbirth.
    6. Black sesame oil can be mixed with salad, fry and preparing a variety of Chinese and Western dishes.
    7. Black sesame oil is very stable, can be stored under room temperature for 2 years.
    8. Our products have been exported to the United States, Japan, China and Hong Kong.
    9. Containing no cholesterol, non- methanol, non-ethanol, non-Antioxidants, no additives, and no pesticide residue. This product also has HALAL Food Certificates.
    10. Elected as Chiayi County government must buy souvenirs.
    11. Black sesame oil has been awarded Outstanding Food Certificate and Golden Quality Award for Good Tasting Food in the food evaluation.
    12. This product has been insured for the amount of 10 million NTD in the product liability insurance.

    The name of the product: Black sesame oil
    Ingredients: 100%black sesame seed
    Volume: 500/250ml (as seen in the picture)
    Shelf life:2 years
    Expiration: show on the label
    Product of Taiwan
    All Vegetarian Oil
    Storage: Store in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Better be finished ASAP after opened.

    Standard packaging:
    1. Glass bottle : 50ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 600ml
    2. Plastic bottle: 1500c.c(1.2Kg), 2200c.c (1.8 Kg), 3300c.c (3 Kg)
    3. Tinplate packaging: 18 kg