Camellia Seed Dregs Flakes

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    Camellia seed dregs flakes are best natural fertilizer


    • Style:Dried

    Key Features

    Camellia seed dregs flakes: Using the traditional oil pressing to drain out Camellia oil, the dregs are formed as big pies. After crushing with a milling machine they become flakes.

    Usages of Camellia Seed Dregs Flakes include:
    (a) citrus farmers who use them to control gland insects;
    (b) vegetable growers who use them to control leaf insects and other soil pests, so that the appearance of the vegetables and underground roots will grow better, and are less susceptible to insect bites;
    (c) rice farmers may spray them around ridges of the paddy fields after transplanting to control the numbers of apple snails, and help to improve crops growing condition, and also provide additional nutrients to the crops.

    For the human body, it is not toxic like chemical pesticides, so for health reason, more and more people prefer this product over others.

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