Healthy & Edible Camellia Oil with High Temperature Tolerance

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    Camellia oil made of 100% natural camellia seeds.


    • Type:Plant Oil

    Key Features

    • -Serial number: C001
    • Edible camellia oil used for cooking purposes
    • Contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids and zero cholesterol content
    • Also contains essential fatty acids and ω-3.
    • No pesticide residues, aflatoxin, or added antioxidants and trans-fatty acids
    • -Made from 100% camellia seed

    Camellia seed oil:
    Camellia oil is the seed of Camellia Oleifera, commonly known as Camellia seed, processed using the traditional oil press. Camellia Oleifera is a tea plant belonging to the Camellia family. It is a small leaf evergreen tree growing on hillsides with abundant rainfall and moderate climate throughout all seasons. It is often planted in regions that are not affected by the environmental hazardous and pesticide contamination area.
    Camellia Oleifera is an evergreen tree all year round, with long flowering period from the budding stage to the fruit-picking stage and the seeds are produced only once a year. The whole flowering period takes about a year. Our production goes through a 25 stages before it is made into for edible purposes. Camellia oil is very precious, and loved since ancient times. It is top-grade vegetable oil with mellow sweetness and strong aroma.

    Camellia seed oil has the following benefits:
    1. Containing mono-unsaturated fatty acids with the highest value in vegetable oils.
    2. Zero cholesterol content.
    3. Suitable for making salad, fry cooking, boiling, and preparing a variety of Chinese and Western dishes.
    4. Smoking point at 209 degrees Celsius, thus it has high stability and high temperature tolerance.
    5. Containing essential fatty acid and ω-3.
    6. Having low acid value and able to meet the national standard CNS.
    7. No pesticide residue or aflatoxin, nor added antioxidants and trans-fatty acids;
    8. This product is produced by the traditional and physical compression method, and with no chemical residues that will harm the human health.
    9. First choice for women before and after childbirth.
    10. Suitable for long-term use; easy to clean with no grease built-up in the kitchen.
    11. In addition to food. the oil molecules are small and can be easily absorbed by the skin and hair.
    The quality of our product has enabled us to win a food evaluation certificate and a gold medal award.
    This product won excellent product certificate and was certified Halal food certification evaluation, won the 2010 & 2012 production of Chia-Yi County government must buy souvenirs Certification, RDEC English service mark Silver Certification Camellia oil export to Netherlands, Japan, the United States, China, Indonesia and Thailand.
    This product has been insured for the amount of 10 million NTD in the product liability insurance
    Ingredients: 100% camellia seed
    Volume: 500
    Retention period: one year;
    Expiration date: marked on the bottle
    Origin: Taiwan

    Standard packaging:
    glass bottles: 50ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 600ml 2. Plastic bottles: 1500c.c(1.2Kg) 2200c.c (1.8 Kg), 3300c.c (3 Kg) 3. Tinplate packaging: 18 kg 4. Drum Packaging: 180 kg。

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